Participating in continuous, specialized training, our tax professionals stay up-to-date on all tax law changes. Working with clients from all over the United States, our specialists remain current in all state tax law changes. Our team also remains current on relevant tax codes, regulations, practices, procedures and federal tax rules. Focused on maintaining a high-quality and well-trained staff, all employees maintain appropriate licensure and specialization towards various tax challenges. Regardless of your tax issue, you won’t find a more experienced and efficient team of professionals than Tax Advantage Advisors.

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Offering the best tax defense against the IRS or state auditors, Tax Advantage Advisors, LLC works to help clients pay the lowest amount of tax possible under current laws. Located in Manhattan, our tax professionals are experienced with both federal and state laws throughout the United States. With the goal of achieving a favorable tax debt settlement, we negotiate directly with the IRS to acquire the lowest settlement possible and, if needed, an affordable IRS payment plan.