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Aggressive. Experienced.

Client Focused.

Let us help you relieve the burden of back-taxes. Many people have tax issues. Most are too intimidated and embarrassed to address their current situation. Ignoring the problem is only going to make it worse. The Tax Advantage Advisor team will work relentlessly to find a program to settle the matter for much less than what the auditors say you owe.

A Team of Tax Experts Fighting for You

Experienced, Tax Advisor Teams will validate and assess your current tax situation and develop a case that helps the IRS and State Auditors understand your specific situation. The Tax Advantage tools we leverage everyday include:

20+ years of tax expertise

Specialized Tax Mediators, Tax Attorneys and licensed Agents

Relentless negotiation skills

Personalized case-management and service


Walk with us towards peace of mind...



A Tax Advantage Advisor will conduct a free financial analysis to help determine the best program for providing the most aggressive relief possible.


Case Preparation

Our direct Practitioner Priority Service connection with the IRS allows us to quickly obtain the most accurate information regarding your current tax debt. We translate complex tax code into a solution you can understand.



The IRS is the largest and most powerful collection agency in the country. We stand up to them and fight for you to stop accumulating fees and penalties, protect against wage garnishments, protect your assets, resolve the debt and maintain compliance.



Your assets will be safe from collection. You’ll be a citizen in good standing with the taxing authorities. The anxiety will dissipate. We’ll help you maintain compliance. You can put this nightmare behind you.

"Even if you don’t hire us, you need to hire someone. The IRS is the most merciless and powerful collection agency in the country...they will find you, your paycheck, your assets, anything they can to get the money they are owed."

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